Why choose D’Souza Aesthetics?

Who am I? Why should you trust me to inject your face? How do you know I am trained, skilled, and safe? What about all the other injectors out there? These are great questions to think about before you have any aesthetics treatment.

So, who am I?

I am an experienced, highly skilled, medically trained aesthetics doctor. I was working in the NHS for several years as an anaesthetist (the type of doctor who puts you to sleep for operations, looks after you in Intensive Care, gives you pain relief during labour, etc), before undergoing an advanced, Masters-equivalent, Level 7 course in Aesthetics with Harley Academy in London. My medical training already meant I knew the anatomy of the face, how to handle needles and inject people, but this advanced degree took my knowledge and understanding of skin and aesthetic treatments to another level. I have additionally undertaken further training in advanced techniques and skin dermatology meaning I have superior knowledge in how and where to inject to achieve your desired result safely.

Why should you trust me?

Read my reviews! All my reviews on Google and Glowday are overwhelmingly positive, I am still one of the most highly rated doctors on Glowday despite being away in Sydney for the last two years. I take great pride in looking after the people who come to see me, listening to their concerns and questions, explaining treatments and expectations, and personalising each treatment as no one face is the same. The relationship between you and your aesthetics doctor is very personal, you have to trust them, it’s your face! After your consultation there is no pressure to have treatment. You need to feel comfortable and happy with who is injecting you, so you can take your time to think things through and do further research. Or of course, if you want to go ahead, we can do your treatment during the same appointment. As a doctor I have a duty of care to you, from your consultation, during, and after your treatment. Treatment shouldn’t just stop with injectables, the best results are seen with a combination of excellent skin care and injectable aesthetic treatments. I have extensive knowledge in skin care products for you at home as well as in-clinic treatments and can offer products that are best-suited for your skin, some of which contain medical-grade ingredients or are prescription-only so not available over-the-counter, from beauticians, or online.

How do you know I am qualified and safe?

I have years of medical and aesthetics training and experience behind me to ensure I can offer you the best results and safest, most effective treatments. I didn’t just do a weekend course, I have invested years of my time with SkinViva and Harley Academy to ensure my treatments and products are of the highest standard. I was subsequently invited to join the Harley Academy Faculty and teach aesthetics to other healthcare professionals.  Additionally, as a doctor I am held accountable by the General Medical Council (GMC) and have annual appraisals and show evidence of my continued professional development. Lay practitioners are not accountable to anyone, thus there are no consequences or avenues of recourse for patients.

Medicines such as Botulinum Toxin (Botox) can only be obtained by prescription, meaning that only medically trained professionals can obtain it and administer treatments. You are putting yourself at risk if an untrained beautician or non-medical professional injects you. In addition, as a doctor, I have access to better quality products. All of the treatments I offer are with well-trusted, high quality products, with evidence-based research and results. Unlicenced, cheaper products can compromise your safety and aren’t worth the risk. Finally, even in the best hands, treatments can lead to side effects and complications. The good news though is that I have done advanced training to manage these. If a complication occurs I am perfectly placed to advise and guide you through the process. For example, as a doctor I can dissolve dermal filler if needed as it is a prescription-only product, whereas some other healthcare professionals and beauticians don’t even have access to it, nor the training on how to use safely.

What about other injectors?

It can be overwhelming when trying to find the right injector for you. This is your face and you want to get the right treatment for the desired result. Make sure you see a medical professional that has done more than just a weekend course for their training, look out for that Level 7 Injectables degree, ask what other courses and training they have done. Ensure they have several years of experience, and don’t just do an ad-hoc clinic every few months. Check they are registered with the relevant governing body and are insured. Ask what products they use and why. These are all perfectly reasonably questions to ask your injector and I would be more than happy to answer them if someone asked me. Look at their website and read online reviews, they will give you a great insight into what the person is like and what previous patients think of their results. Use a platform such as Glowday to make your appointment – they only list credible healthcare professionals whose qualifications and insurance have all been checked out, doing the hard work for you! Book in for a consultation so that I can answer all your questions and talk through your options, you shouldn’t feel pressure from anyone to proceed with any treatment.


If you have any questions about me, the treatments I offer, or skin care, please get in touch.